Friday, May 1, 2009

Lame, lame, lame!

I admit it, I have been a completely lame blogger lately...and this is no exception. I'm not at home right now and I can't get my stupid memory card to work in my parent's computer (lame excuse #1) and so I'm just going to have to use my mom's pictures even though I took some adorable ones specifically for the purpose of blogging (lame excuse #2). SO...even though I'm pretty sure I have posted about a JILLION pictures of the aquarium, our lives pretty much revolve around kid-friendly entertainment...(lame excuse #3). Anybody else feeling the "lazy days of summer" comin' on strong??? (c:

This is just seconds before he decided that all the pretty flowers that grandma was trying to get in the picture were so much more fun if you are stomping straight through them...
Can you all tell that Caden has DEFINITELY reached the terrible two's???

Pointing at all those cute little duckies that swam away after being run-off by the Two-foot Terror aka Caden

The obligatory "riding the ant" picture...we were trying to get him to pretend like it was bucking him off... that was a no-go.

If you have not been to the aquarium lately, they just opened their "petting zoo" really, the "shark and sting ray experience" where you can touch them! Hopefully the nazi lady won't be there lecturing everyone and yelling at anyone who didn't follow all of her mile long list of rules...)c:

So for a good laugh about my borderline out-of-control brain squeezer, you would have to visit the blog "mormon in manhattan" pretty much says it all. I still love them. Skylar deals with it well...


Melanni said...

I loved all of the pictures of your kids and your commentary made me feel like I was right there while you were telling the stories! I like Skylar's brain squeezers, she looks so cute in them!

Kika+Trevor said...

I have been SO lazy!! everyday something happens and I think "I should blog about that", especially cuz I rarely write on my journal anymore so blogging is a good way to record the memories, BUT I am TOO LAZY!

I LOVE the brain squeezer picture! :)


Kara, Garrick, Rylee and Jadyn said...

I am glad you posted these pics, cuz they are adorable! When I saw the pic of Caden on the ant, I swear I thought he looked like Ryan. Weird? But I still think he does, I never really noticed that before! And Skylar, oh little Skylar, she is just so cute! I can't wait for you guys to come so I can play with my adorable neice and nephew!!! Oh yeah...and see you too I guess! ;)

rebabell said...

yea, we made it to the pet shark exhibit a couple weeks ago. all the fish were hanging out at the bottom and i totally soaked my sleeve and barely even grazed one! oliver was loving it though.

JOHANNA said...

That pic of the princess with that huge laughing smile is priceless!
I can't believe what a little man Caden looks like. The aquarium is always a hit!