Saturday, February 28, 2009

American Idol Junkie

Back me up on this one…this show is dang addictive!!! (c: I LOVE this season! Alexis Grace (short pink hair) is A-mazing and what a surprising voice from such a little thing, probably not my favorite, but great. Love Danny Gokey, but he is really going to have to stop talking about his wife...I loved the story at first but now it seems like he is milking it a little too much. Is that just cold of me??? I love the whole second set of three. Allison Iraheta’s voice and performance were brilliant…very surprising, but she was one of my favorites, but definitely not for her interviewing skills. )c: And every season there is that one singer who just is an amazing singer with an unparalleled voice and poise (David Archuleta last season) and this season’s is Adam Lambert and he was AWESOME. Love him! He reminds me of a kind of emo-Mic Jagger cross. Probably my favorite. Am I the only one pathetically into watching this show? Anybody else have a favorite? Or care at all??? (c;

Thursday, February 19, 2009


This picture doesn't have anything to do with this's just funny.

I will admit that I get tagged for things and I usually don't respond...not because I don't want to (necessarily), but usually because I forget! Anyways, I guess I'll give the low-down on the edwards clan...

What is your hubby's name?
Joshua Royd Edwards...and if you were wondering, Royd is a family name...yea for family traditions, that wonderful middle name is now our son's as well. yep. Oh yeah, and then there is Josh's nickname lovingly bestowed by my family "Joshy Pool"...don't even ask...unless you are really curious.

How long have you been together?
This is a complicated question for us...
*Known each other since birth,
*Dated for two years and then,
*Two years of missions
*Married for almost 5 years...So I guess it's 9 years??? (c:

How long did you date?
Yeah I should have read through the questions first...4 years...I know, in "mormon time" that is like an ETERNITY!!!

Who said I love you first?
I honestly do not remember...but I'm pretty sure it was directly followed by an "I love you too" so it's hard to say. We'll say it was Josh because it sounds like something he would do...(c:

Who is taller?
Oh me, of course...yeah. Josh is like almost a foot taller than me and calls me "short" all the time. I AM AVERAGE!!!(c:

Who is smarter?
Okay, I should say something funny on this about how I am smarter, but the reality is that it depends on what we are talking about...I am ALWAYS surprised at the all the crap Josh knows about and i am ashamed to admit that he seems to be right a lot of the time.

Who does the laundry?
Are you kidding me? Does he even know how?

Who does the dishes?
Again, is this a trick question??? Last night I asked if he had cleaned up dinner (because he made dinner, what a sweetheart) while I was putting the two kids to bed and his answer was "Yeah" and I said "All of it?" and he said "yeah, except for maybe one thing...". This morning I found all the dishes and pots that he used, dirty, on the counter. Good thing he is so good at helping with other stuff. (c:

Who cleans the house?
I do because I am EXTREMELY ANAL about the house being really, I actually like cleaning and I wish I was kidding.

Who sleeps on the right?

Who pays the bills?

Who mows the lawn?
We've never had TBD...

Who cooks dinner?
Usually me, occasionally Josh, but I really don't enjoy cooking...

Who drives when you are together?
Always Josh because otherwise he freaks out about my the nicest possible way...(c:

Who is more stubborn?
I admit I have my moments, but this prize has to go to Josh. Let's call it "strong-willed"...

Who kissed who first?
Josh...both times...another very long story.

Who asked who out first?
Josh asked me out...on the worst first date ever! Then the second time a year later on a great second-first date and we've been together ever since!

Who proposed?
Josh,'s not that big of a surprise after you've been together for four years and planning the whole time to get married...but he actually managed to surprise me with the proposal and a ring he picked out all by himself (after careful guidance on what I wanted)!

Who has more siblings?
I am the oldest of 6, but josh is the oldest of SEVEN. Touche.

Who wears the pants?
I would love to say "me" and Josh would probably say the same, but truly we look to each other on everything and try to make each other happy. But let's say me, anyways.

I usually don't pass these things on, but since I'm curious and like to hear about everyone else, I'm tagging Kara, Rebecca, Rachel, Johanna, Kika, and anyone else that feels like writing...A LOT. (c:

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Okay, I admit it...I have been a lazy bum lately with respect to blogging. But now everyone will get the skinny on everything...not much has been going on. (c: Except we did get little Skylar's ears pierced, which we were expecting to be a highly traumatizing experience for her (aren't we nice parents???), but as it turns out, she could not have cared less! Thank goodness.

Then we were just in Mesa last weekend for my sister-in-law Moriah's wedding. I'll be honest, I was a little less than stoked about a car trip with two little ones, but the wedding was awesome and everything went fine...until the ride home. We got to Payson and it was SNOWING like crazy and they had closed the roads, so we had to TURN AROUND (you are seeing where this is going) and go through Thatcher and our 6 hour trip turned into a TWELVE hour trip. Yea...good memories! And that was sarcastic. (c:

But the upside to our trip was we got to see Kara and the girls...they were nice enough to make the 3 hour trek to get to hang out with us for only about 2 hours, but Caden was SO excited to see "Wylee" and have a partner in crime for running around the temple grounds!

We are just glad everything should be back to normal and Congrats to the newlyweds...aren't they a beautiful couple???(c: