Friday, December 18, 2009

Things I love the most:

#1- When both of my kids take naps at the same time
#2- Driving around aimlessly looking for Christmas lights
#3- Josh being done with his finals...FINALLY!!!
#4- My little Skylar learning to walk...

Yup. I can't believe it either...although, I *should* considering she is almost 14 months old! (c: Oh well. It is darn cute, though.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sacrament Meeting Shout Out...

Another great memory...
As we were sitting in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday, I was *trying* to study my lesson for the 10 year-olds that I teach, but Caden was having none of it. He kept insisting on sticking his little fingers in the binding holes of my manual, right across where I was trying to read. After being told to stop repeatedly, I just resorted to brushing his hand away when he pulled his little attention-getting stunt. Finally, I was exasperated and swept his hand away with a little more force than the other might call it a "swat". So, to "one-up" me, Caden shouted very loudly: "Hey, get the hell out of here!!!". Heads all around us snapped around, and we started hearing giggling, one of the sisters sitting behind my mother-in-law tapped her on the shoulder and asked, laughing, "Did he get that from Daddy or Grandpa?" and she answered "Probably Rusty, but you can take your pick!" Thank you Caden, thank you for keeping your mama humble and entertaining bored church-goers. (c:

Is it that time AGAIN?!?

Yep, it's Christmas family photo time again...It's Josh's absolute FAVORITE thing to do with his family! (c: But despite a *very* bored two year old and one *very* fast one year old, we managed to salvage a few good pictures from the "experience"...

Our little angel....
And our wonderful little...*sigh*...boy: this was his "nice" smile

And the peanut gallery...BTW, Caden is smiling like that because the photographer was letting him pretend to "kick" the stuffed cat that was entertaining Skylar. It was a proud moment.