Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My baby is 2! *sniff*

It's little Skylar's birthday today and I can't believe my little girl is already two! It seems like yesterday that we were deciding on baby names. She is such an active little thing and talking/babbling up a storm. Sometimes we wish we could get her to sit and be quiet for just 30 seconds, but then we remember that someday soon she will be a teenager that won't talk to us at all and we are grateful for the constant "mommy!!!daddy!!!mommy!!!daddy!!!" (c: She is a typical two year-old that wants to do everything by herself...get her food/drinks, pick out clothes/shoes, put in dvds...which she is obsessed with "How To Train Your Dragon" and "Up" right now (only she calls them the "dinosaur" and the "doggie"). She and Caden are pretty good friends (except when they're not) and she pretty much thinks her brother is awesome. We love our little Sky Sky and are so glad to have her in our little family.