Thursday, February 28, 2008

Need a Laugh???

So I was browsing through the list of "blogs of note" and came across "shoeboxblog" is hilarious!!! Well, it's really sarcastic...that's the same thing, right?


Food and fuel prices are on the rise again. So if you were going to take some fruits and vegetables on a cross-country sightseeing trip in an SUV, hold off.

The Commerce Department reports that the U.S. economy has come to a near halt. We're no economists, but we highly recommend that all Americans stimulate the economy by buying more funny greeting cards.

An Iraq War veteran has won a million-dollar lottery, in the first ever success story of our current military retirement program.It turns out that wind farms may threaten endangered whooping cranes, causing thousands of environmenalists' heads to explode.

Exterminators looking for termites in a Brazilian monastery discovered a 200-year-old mummy. The exterminators warned Church officials, "Termites are one thing, but if you've got a mummy infestation, you're lookin' at some serious bucks!"

Researchers in Norway have found a fossil of a giant sea-beast! Just when you thought Norway couldn't get any more exciting!

Marine biologists hope to fit an injured sea turtle with an artificial flipper. At a cost of $6 million, they can rebuild him, make him better than before. They have the technology. (Cue music.)

18 year-old Blake Taylor has written a memoir about living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Praised by critics for his contemporary writing style, Taylor covers every possible topic from least favorite ice cream flavors to why Blink 182 only kind of rocks, in all caps and with no punctuation whatsoever for 2500 pages.

Pamela Anderson wants an annulment from her hubby of two months, Rick Salomon. He’s the guy who dated Shannon Doherty and made a sex tape with Paris Hilton. Apparently, he turned out to be exactly the man she thought he was.

Nicole Richie says her baby gives life "a whole new meaning". Nicole remains mystified by the meanings of many other words.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

At the ABQ Aquarium

Monday, February 18, 2008

Our Little Man