Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy B-day Daddy!!!

It's the big 5-0 for Dad and he is officially over the hill! (c: You can see what a good papa he is...making skylar smile...and helping Caden clean the sand out of the lawn mower gas tank.**Yep**. And he is still his favorite grandson.... maybe because he is his *only* grandson......HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sorry Josh, I know you hate this picture, but I had to illustrate just how *excited* Caden was for this fishing trip. This is him with his fishing pole in our bed the day before and he would scream and cry if you tried to take it, even though he mostly walked around whacking people (on accident) with it..."I go fishing!! In da boat!!!" Seriously, the highlight of his life.

Just to set the record straight...I am the master fisherman of this family and caught the bulk of our fish on this trip to Elephant Butte. Yea, I'm awesome. (c: But for all of you that couldn't possibly care less about fishing...and that is most of you...there are pictures of the kids, too. Happy now, auntie kara??? (c:

Everytime we would catch a fish, we would get "I wanna ho' it! I ho' fishy!!!" and once they would get put in the livewell he would just sit over there and look at them...well, once that got old, he decided he wanted to "pet" them. White bass have sharp spines on their fins, so he started saying "fishy bite me!!!" and sure enough, a "fish bite" on his thumb. That was what he talked to EVERYONE about (and I mean everyone, me, dad, the older couple camping next to us, any fishermen that came remotely near the boat) for the next 4 days...(holding up his thumb so you could see the carnage) "Fishy bite you, fishy bite you". Yeah, apparently he hasn't gotten the concept of "you" and "me" completely worked out, because we were telling him "aw, the fish bit you", so he told everyone "fishy bite you".

Can you tell Skylar was just stoked about the whole thing???

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring is in the air

How pretty is this picture??? You can see why the saints loved Missouri, this is in St. Louis...Makes me happy that spring is coming!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hack Job

So this is what happens the first time you try and cut your kid's hair yourself...it's almost all gone!!! I guess I should have discussed the game plan first with my mother-in-law when I announced I was going to try and cut Caden's hair by myself. Everything was going good and I started cutting the top of his hair with scissors when she asked how short I was going to cut the top and I replied "really short, like this" and showed what I *thought* was about an inch or so. She suggested I use the electric clippers that we had just used for the bottom of his hair with a longer guard on it. I decided that was a great idea and without testing the length on it, went to town. I felt like crying at first, but now that I've gotten used to it a little more, I can see that it looks really cute. I guess that's how you learn to cut hair, right??? (c: You can't tell from the picture, but that is a faux-hawk...not holes in his hair.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ah, the joys of parenting...

So now that Caden is getting older and talking more, we get a lot more "back talk" from him. I definitely expected this, but what I didn't expect was for most of it to be so funny! It's impossible to discipline while laughing your head off. A couple of Caden's finest moments lately:

I must pound it into his head that he needs to be nice to everyone, because he brought me his toy motorcycle and in a whisper said "he sleeping"...and proceeded to demand, also in a whisper, that "he need kiss" and "he need hug" and wouldn't leave me alone until I complied. Well, I guess I know what ranks high on the priority list.

One morning right after breakfast while Grandma Edwards is having a good conversation with Caden about his favorite subject of fishing she asks "Hey Caden, where's your daddy?". Out of nowhere and with a huge smile on his face he announces "He pooping!!". Apparently, that is a proud moment at our house.

The other day, I was discipling caden about something and it apparently made him mad. He must have felt that the finger pointing and telling me "no, no" was insufficient to convey his point, so while super hero punching the air in my direction he yelled "knuckers, knuckers!!!" (knuckles). Apparently, his super power is "knuckles". Good one, Caders, good one.