Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This is reality at our house: messy house, messy kids...BIG SMILES (c;

They are always up for helping when it involves tasting....

Daddy got the opportunity to hike the Grand Canyon with the scouts this summer...what a cool experience!

Caden of course helped him pack...

The gorgeous canyon

The falls
The campsite...pretty awesome (c:

Is there anything more fun than a good ol' wrestling match with grandpa?

I could be wrong, but I think Caden won (c;
There are perks to Mommy being the cubmaster...you get to go to awesome activities like
meeting the local firemen and getting to tour their AWESOME truck!

"Official" firemen helmets and *everything* (c:

Firemen are now officially the coolest guys *EVER* (c;
Somebody may or may not have turned the big 3-0 in May...

In honor of the big day, all the girls got to come visit for a fantastic girls' night out...

Well, Tyce got to come, too...(c:

The birthday girl with her two favorite little people...

I think the kiddos might have enjoyed seeing grandma and grandpa a little *too* much (c:

Good times, good times (c:
We took the kiddos to a water park in Tempe earlier this summer and this is what Skylar wanted to do the whole time:

This is her "smiley" face:

And then she was telling me a story about something...

Probably about the fact that Caden spent a good portion of this outing in a time out:

It's a hard lesson to learn that you can't try and dish out retribution if you don't get out of the way soon enough on the water slide. *sigh*

For a while this summer we were attending story time at the local Pottery Barn Kids religiously...until they found out that swimming was *WAY* cooler. Literally. (c:

And yes, my little princess is doing what you think she is doing.

You are welcome teenage Skylar. You're welcome. (c:
Why yes, as a matter of fact I *am* the worst blogger in history!!!

Oh, that wasn't your question?? Oops. (c:
But seriously, where does the time go? I think ours goes in to a heat induced stupor here in AZ because it is like living in an oven, my friends!!!

But to prove we are still alive, or at least we were at Easter time...

Our attempt at Easter pictures...I put all these up so you could see how well Caden and Skylar cooperate:

Not a Christmas card worthy one in the bunch, but they sure are cute, aren't they? (c: