Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Hero!

We went to Elephant Butte this weekend and instead of posting MORE pics of us camping/fishing, I decided to post the pics of "Josh the Rattle Snake Slayer". That's right, we walked out one morning and there the little sucker was, just chilling right in front of one of the tents. So, Josh, being the manly man that he is (c:, grabbed the fishing net and an ax and chopped it's head right off. Crisis averted. But man those things are scary!!!


JOHANNA said...

Another reason I am not a camper!
-Get it Josh!

Camille said...

Aaah! Gross, scary, eew. Nice to have a good man around to take care of those!
Loved seeing the pictures of your family. You are beautiful.
How old is Caden?
Oh and I loved the Readers Digest version of your eventual marriage. Made me smile.