Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Weekend Fun!

Yes, this image has been edited for your veiwing pleasure (and also I don't want my son to be mortified someday: "Mom, you put me NAKED on your blog page!?!?). This picture was just so darn cute of Caden and Rylee in the little tiny pool! This was just an impromtu swim session, so neither had a bathing suit, which you can tell bothered them immensely! (c: They were so obsessed, especially Caden, that we could barely get them out! I guess we know how Caden will be spending most of his summer (but preferrably WITH a bathing suit!)!


JOHANNA said...

LOVE your censorship square!!!! They look like they are living the high life in that pic- I wish I was that appeasable!
I saw you for a second in sacrament and just have to tell you that you look gorgeous! Hope your are feeling as good as you look HOT MOMMA!!

Kika & Trevor said...

ha ha I love the editing! :)
My mom never worried about that, I was a tomboy and would only wear shorts till I was about ten. TEN!!! Gross! :)

anyway, love the pics!
Keep in touch Prima :)


carrie ritchie said...

Sooooo funny! We always hear all about Kaden. We have to get together one of these days:)