Thursday, May 8, 2008


So apparently I have been "tagged" by Rylee, or more appropriately, Caden I decided not to be a party pooper and name seven things that I love about my favorite kid!

1. Look at that cute little face! How could you not love it???

2. He is so sweet and cuddly...he lets me squish his fat little cheeks in bone crushing hugs all the ti


3. He absolutely adores his Daddy. In fact, I actually complain that he never says "mama", but always says "Daddy" (yes, I know I will change my tune as soon as it becomes connected with whining).

4. He is getting to be such a fun little pal, he learns new things every fact, his daddy's new favorite thing is that if you give him your trash, he'll throw it away for you. While this is incredibly adorable, I don't approve of him making his dad any more spoiled than he already is! (c:

5. HIS SMILE!!! I know I already said his cute face, but that face is definitely not always happy! However, that little smile can light up a room and makes my can cheer up anyone!

6. I love how he just loves everyone...we happen to have some smokers/convicted felons that live below us in the apts (NON-SMOKING apts, I might add, sense the bitterness???) and they are always out there polluting the air and my apt, which ticks me off really bad...but Caden is always so excited to see them and puts on his best grin and waves like crazy to them. It always makes me wish I could accept people for who they are more readily...well, maybe not those exact people...

7. He makes me want to be better. At everything. I look at that little boy and realize the little miracle that he is and where he came from not so long ago and I remember that I have so much to work on to deserve having the joy of raising such a great kid.

This is just one big, fat brag blog, I know...sorry about getting all mushy at the end! )c: But he really is great...I've got the two greatest guys in the world!


Kara, Garrick and Rylee said...

And I love that he is so tickelish!!! I just love that little man!

JOHANNA said...

- love the list of all Cayden's treasures! Perfect timing to fill that out around Momma day! You are such a gorgeous momma -Hope you enjoyed your special day.( I did not see you guys sunday but there were like 15 people total at church in sacrament)