Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yay For Fun Indoors!

So the weather here still has not made up it's mind if it is going to be Spring or not...but that didn't stop us from swimming! It's all thanks to the indoor pool out here in RR. Auntie Cherish is visiting us from AZ and Caden is just in love with her...poor thing has not had a moments peace anytime he is awake! (c: This trip to the pool was no exception and he was serioulsy upset when it came time to go because his (and his sister's) lips were blue and he was shivering! What a strange kid. But hey, we have to be creative to keep these little ones entertained (even if they do get hypothermia)!



where did you find this magic place? We want to play...and by the way your kids are so stinken cute!!!!!

Edwards Family said...

It's so's right out by Rio Rancho High School...right next to the library! It's a little far