Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Sad, Sad Day at the Edwards' House

Okay, so we had a family tragedy this week...Frank the Parakeet passed. )c: This happened on Tuesday and I am just now able to write about it. I am only being partly sarcastic because I actually did like that little bird and Caden (as previously discussed) was IN LOVE with it. It was a terrible event involving our miniature schnauzer...and Caden was devastated. We cried together for quite a while(Caden crying about Frank and Mom crying about Caden) and then had a small funeral. Some of you may be saying "it seems like only yesterday that Frank joined your family"...but it's been two whole weeks people!...plenty of time for Caden to become completely obsessed and now he won't stop talking about Frank and how he went to live with Jesus but he is coming back soon. *sigh* I think he is scarred for life. But I guess I should be glad that we got to have a little lesson about death when it was just a parakeet, right?



Evelyn said...

Aww--sad and kinda funny story too (about Frank being in the family for 2 weeks). Poor Caden. Any plans on getting Frank II?

P B Wallace said...

Sorry to hear about the loss. R.I.P. Frank. He was too young to go so soon. A young life wasted. Such potential.
Seriously, I know Caden was pretty devastated. One of those hard life lessons.

Krystal said...

Oh...poor Caden and his tender little heart!

Kara, Garrick, Rylee and Jadyn said...

I was so sad to hear about Frank! Mostly because my heart just broke for Caden...poor little guy. But yes, at least you can learn from it, right? :)
R.I.P beloved Frank