Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why yes, as a matter of fact I *am* the worst blogger in history!!!

Oh, that wasn't your question?? Oops. (c:
But seriously, where does the time go? I think ours goes in to a heat induced stupor here in AZ because it is like living in an oven, my friends!!!

But to prove we are still alive, or at least we were at Easter time...

Our attempt at Easter pictures...I put all these up so you could see how well Caden and Skylar cooperate:

Not a Christmas card worthy one in the bunch, but they sure are cute, aren't they? (c:

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Tiffany said...

Haha, that's like taking pictures for the 4th of July! I took over 100 and just to prove that none of them really came out, I posted like 15 of them! It's so hard to get good pictures!