Friday, January 14, 2011

What the...???

Can somebody tell me how I have a 4 year-old??? When did this happen??? More importantly, when did he get so BIG???

He is so hilarious, he keeps us laughing (sometimes not "ha ha funny", more of the "ha ha you are in so much trouble")...the other day he was being pretty crazy and so daddy threatened him with a spanking. Thinking super quick and with hands raised to the defense told dad "Let's just get one thing straight!!! I DO NOT LIKE SPANKINGS!" Josh was laughing so hard that he obviously didn't recieve said spanking. (c:

He is totally obsessed with trains, too (I mean, what kid isn't???)...that is pretty much how we keep both of the little crazies busy most of the time. And while of course they don't get along all the time, he is a pretty great big brother and enjoys, I mean *playing* with his little sister, even when she destroys EVERYTHING he ever builds. (c:
We can't help but be a little (okay, maybe a lot) proud of him and we LOVE that he is part of our family.


FOUST said...

I remember when you and Josh were decorating for the Ward Christmas Party (santa room)which was so magical and you were still pregnant and so ready to meet your little fella!!

Krystal said...

Happy Birthday, Caden! Yes, four is so old! But he sure is a cute boy.

Natalie said...

He is so CUTE! I love his little face in this picture. Happy Birthday Cayden.