Saturday, June 5, 2010

Heat Wave

It's been so hot here lately (you AZ people quit laughing at that) we busted out Grandma Lisa's fancy swimming pool and the kids were in heaven! If only we were all so easily entertained...
The slide was a really big hit with both of them...but so was drinking from the pool. Ew.

I just love this picture of Skylar, what a silly kid!

Just out of curiosity...does anyone know of some good and cheap swimming lessons for little ones??? (c: Just wondering.


Moriah and Brad said...

I hear the girls at work talk about the YMCA being cheap and their kids taking swimming lessons... and their kids love it

Tara Fears said...

All the ladies in our ward talk about swimming lessons at Sandia (kind of a far drive for you probably). I've been meaning to look into it myself but haven't yet. I can't believe how big and CUTE your kids are!!! I haven't seen you in FOREVER! Your post totally makes me want to go camping!