Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's official...I am part white trash

So this last weekend we had some Monster Truck tickets fall in our lap and Josh decided that this time around, it should be a family affair, Skylar and I included. Needless to say, I was not exactly excited about the prospect of attending said event. It made me feel a little better that it was a box and not right on the floor...but still, monster trucks, really??? Okay, here is the surprising part...I actually kinda *enjoyed* myself! They had the monster trucks, but then they had dirt bike and ATV races, too. They had little 4 and 6 year-olds on dirt bikes, how adorable is that? (c: But you know you are a mom when the kids have a crash and one of them is hurt and you are crying even though you have no idea who that kids is. I'm so embarrassing sometimes...(c: Anyways, it was actually a fun little night, so I concluded that I must be part white trash because I enjoyed a monster truck show...Josh disagrees...(c:
Cute Grandma Debbie and Skylar with her lollypop

In our most fashionable ear muffs and scruffy daddy...

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Rebecca said...

aubrey-- i'm really glad you posted about this b/c we've been really tempted to go, but thought the noise would be a little much and the crowd as well. now that i've gotten your stamp of approval, i think we'll have to make a night out of it! cute bird, btw!