Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So I have just been hoarding all of our family's pictures because I was too lazy to download them!! Christmas was so fun this year with Caden because he actually (kind of) knew what was going on. He has been a great big brother to little Skylar and she seems to just adore him (despite the occational "accident" she recieves from him). She has been such a good baby, knock on wood, and we got to bless her on Dec 28. Caden even helped with the Christmas cookies this year, and yes, I am using the term "helped" very loosely. He has really enjoyed the bike AND tricycle he got from G'ma and G'pa Edwards and Auntie Serene, but he can't ride them without the motorcycle helmet even though I don't know how he even holds up his head in that massive helmet! Thank goodness he has so much family close by to spoil the heck out of him!


Krystal said...

I can't believe he's TWO aleady! What a cute kid. And Skylar just keeps getting prettier.

Sarah and Jeremy said...

Oh those picture slides were so cute! Looks like ya'll are having tons of fun!